Tim Be Told is a contemporary Christian music group which incorporates elements of soul, pop, rock, gospel and blues. Their goal within the music industry is to promote the themes of honesty, hope, redemption, and change. Album titles include: From the Inside, Humanity, and Mighty Sound.

Produced by Regan Sprenkle
Asst. Producer: Chris Keup
Mixed by Stewart Meyers
Piano: Tim Ouyang
Vocals: Tim Ouyang
Guitars: Andrew Chae and Luan Nguyen
Drums: Jim Barredo
Bass: Parker Stanley
Strings: Ann Marie Calhoun
Wurlitzer and Organ: Daniel Clarke
© 2009 Tim Be Told


Koo Chung is a Korean American Christian singer-songwriter. Beginning his career with the band Broken for Good in Boston, Chung moved to New York to start and run his own studio and label. Album titles include: Brick By Brick, Parallel, and Akoostic Sessions.

"Any Other Way" (feat. Jinny Kim)
Produced by Koo Chung
Vocals: Koo Chung and Jinny Kim
© 2013 Koo Chung