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Ep 440: The Two Kens Series On Grief & Therapeutic Creativity

Ken Fong recently returned from scattering his beloved wife Snoopy’s cremains in the turquoise-blue clear water between the Mokulua Islands on the windward side of Oahu. For years, every time they would visit Lanikai Beach, Snoopy would remind him that that would be the final resting place of her earthly remains. After cancer claimed her this past July, Ken, daugther Janessa, Snoopy’s brothers Darren and Greg, and her best friend Tanya put their heads together to figure out how to fulfill this request. Co-host Ken Kemp has been part of this difficult journey and when they got together a few days ago, he not only wanted to express how impactful the memorial service was, but to ask Fong whether harnessing his creativity was a helpful way for him to process his grief. It’s an unusual conversation on many different levels, and one that you’re really going to appreciate.Here’s the link to the 3rd video: