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EP: 413 Dr. James Zarsadiaz On The Significance of Monterey Park, The SGV And Other Ethnoburbs

If you don’t live in Southern California, it’s quite possible that you have no idea of how central the San Gabrielf Valley (of the now-famous 626 Area Code) has become to a diverse array of AAPIs, and why Monterey Park has become such a symbol. In the immediate aftermath of the horrifc mass shooting there, I read a fascinating LA Times Op Ed by USF’s Dr. James Zarsadiaz, who grew up in the SGV and has become one of the leading experts on this region of SoCal. In our conversation, you’ll not only learn the history of Monterey Park and the rest of the 626, but also why the fact that this shooting happened there is so traumatizing to many AAPIs, even though the shooter was an Asian American.