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EP 414: Nell Yukiye Murphy On Raising More People’s Awareness Of The Injustices Suffered By Japanese Americans

Nell Yukiye Murphy has been enthusiasticallyinvolved with the Girl Scouts since she was just five years old. She’d earned their Bronze and Silver Awards, but she waited until her senior year in high school to propose her Gold Award project to the committee. While she’d grown up making untold family pilgrimmages to Manzanar, where her late grandfather had been held unjustly, she decided that few people would be willing to make the four-hour-drive from LA to visit this remote and barren site. So she created “Journey to Manzanar,” a virtual introduction to the camp, the prejudice that imprisoned over 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry there and in the other camps, and the hardships that her predecessors had been made to endure. Nell persevered in the face of obstacles like shocking ignorance and policies that prohibit launching drones above national parks. You can experience her remarkable achievement “Journey to Manzanar” by visiting