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Ep 433: Chen Tang On Season 3 of “Warrior”

Actor Chen Tang is back as the irrepressible Chinese hitman “Hong” in the MAX series Warrior. Originally created by Cinemax and based on Bruce Lee’s original writings, the first two seasons garnered rave reviews and spawned a rabid fanbase. But when Cinemax decided that it would no longer fund original programming, Warrior seemed to have hit a dead end. However, MAX (formerly known as HBO Max) quickly saw that this series first two seasons were hugely popular on their platform, so they reunited the Warrior team, rebuilt 19th century Chinatown set in South Africa, and Season 3 is now set to launch on June 29th! Every aspect of this show is top-shelf, which is why I’ve been a longtime fan and why I’m so excited to see what’s in store for this new season.Quick LinksGet Embed PlayerShare on SocialDownload Audio File